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Wine Glass Writer shouldn't be confused with permanent wine pens, such as those used by wine-makers to sign and date bottles. Since launching in 2010, Wine Glass Writer has been a one of a kind product unlike any other ink on the market. The ink goes on smoothly, sets quickly, and remains vibrant throughout the life of the party, until washing off effortlessly with a soapy sponge.

“I found them an improvement on the wine charm and more artistry expressive, write your name or a drawing, they are completely brilliant and washable. Of all the impractical accessories I accumulated in my search, Wine Glass Writer was the cheapest and most usable bit of frivolity.”

Lettie Teague

Chief Wine Columnist for the Wall Street Journal

Our Product

Introducing a colorful and easy replacement to the wine charm; Wine Glass Writer is an ink marker that is used to draw on names and designs to glass and glazed ceramics. With our quick drying, smooth gliding, and comfortable markers, you’ll easily avoid glass mix ups and wasted wine at your next dinner party. Wine Glass Writer can also be used as a kitchen and party labeler; ceramic cheese plates, glass tasting flights, and canning jars all work wonderfully with our markers. 

Using A Wine Glass Writer
Writing on Wine Glasses

Our Story

Tired of pouring beautiful (and often expensive!) wines down the drain at every party, Jeannine searched for an improvement to her wine charm trinkets. She soon realized the best way to prevent abandoned glasses of beautiful red and whites was to find a better way for her guests to label their cups. Soon, Jeannine began testing markers available on the market, only to find they either failed to write clearly, they smudged easily, or the ink was tough to wipe off.  

Frustrated, Jeannine decided that if no solution existed, it was time to create her own! This began her year-long search for the perfect glass writing ink. After testing over 30 options alongside a chemist, she finally found the winner: an ink that had bright colors, a smudge-free finish, and hassle-free cleaning.  

Wine Glass Writer was acquired by IWA Wine Accessories in 2020, a leading supplier of accessories for wine, spirits, gifts, parties and events.

Our Commitment

We take our role as a responsible business very seriously. Wine Glass Writers are the only certified (ASTM - D4236) non-toxic wine glass writers on the market today. Our product is completely safe for contact with food and beverages.

In addition to ensuring only the safest and highest quality product reaches our customers, we also perform social audits on our factories and only work with partners that pay living wages that adhere to the highest ethical labor practices.

certified non-toxic wine glass writers

About Our Founder


“Ive witnessed too much wine charm confusion! We always forget our wine charm identity, we seldom forget our own name. Wine Glass Writer solves the problem. And some really amazing art has resulted from the use of these markers. I have hated to wash some of it away.”

Jeannine's fondness for hosting social gatherings, appreciation for great wine, and disdain for waste all contributed to her invention of Wine Glass Writer. Since starting the business with a small inheritance from her beloved Pepe in 2010, Jeannine has been astounded and honored by the support that her customers have demonstrated, the hidden artists that Wine Glass Writer has revealed, and the endless amount of uses that her customers have discovered.

Jeaninne Founder Wine Glass Writer Wine Glass Writer