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On the road with the traveling Stews

Wine Glass Writer is a family business. We believe in building our relationships and know that in this world of electronic communication, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. Originally we had made a plan for a week-long business trip to visit the thriving Texas Hills wine region to introduce ourselves to some the newest Wine Glass Writer market. As an international newlywed couple, we have been riding a wave of adventure since our fateful meeting in Nicaragua over 3 years ago. We were married last August and with no mortgage and no kids, our window of opportunity to see the world will be open for only so long. We put together a 53-day road trip of the entire southwest United States, touring some of the country’s best wine regions in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and hiking the epic national parks this beautiful country has to offer. After numerous iterations, our route was finally built. In turns out we are not the only business that appreciates face-to-face meetings and family values. Everywhere we travel, we have been meeting small business owners, family-run shops and wineries that are excited to work with Wine Glass Writer and appreciate a hand shake building up our business the old fashioned way. Inspired by the people we meet its important to us that we share this experience with our online community and followers. Look for us to share our exciting locations, introduce you to our newest clients and friends and of course, continue to share ideas for new uses for Wine Glass Writer. Stay tuned for more blog posts on and follow us on our social networks:

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We would love to hear your suggestions for stops along our trip, if you know of a great business that we should visit along the way or even new ways to use Wine Glass Writer on the road. Feel free to contact us directly at Hope to see you on the open road!

On the road with the traveling Stews
Travelling Stews
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