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Indelible Ink: Happy Mother's Day

The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you. - Rumi 

Indelible Ink: Happy Mother's Day

There’s no questioning the beauty in the relationship between mothers and daughters; that relationship is cause to celebrate (with wine, of course), and is - if we’re honest - sometimes cause to just drink…more wine. Wine Glass Writer is a fusion of all of the above, focused on a love of good wine, great company, and the ability to leave your mark in a pretty way, so that you drink only from your own glass. Most recently people at the Wall Street Journal and fashion designer Stella Caraski already know this about our company. What they don’t necessarily know about our company, is that Wine Glass Writer, at our core, is also about the indelible mark left on and by each other in our mother-daughter team.  In honor of Mother’s Day this year, and in honor of what we feel truly sets us apart as a brand, we wanted to share with you a little bit from behind the scenes of the dynamic duo you call Jeannine and Renée…but we just call family.

Knowing that most of our public interviews stem from our product knowledge and business inspiration, we wanted to do something a little wacky for our trusted, valued, and dare we say…tipsy…customers, and tell you more about what makes us, well, us. For example.  Did you know that we have French roots…and still love to travel there today?  We both cry when we hear Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose, and are itching to get back to La Petite Maison for pants-unbuttoning-worthy food in Nice.  We are also eager to explore the hidden treasures of British Columbia and Asia, and both swear like truckers…and/or pirates…and despite our polished and ladylike charm, we’re cool with that. Both women are very family oriented…kind of explains the awesome working relationship we have together, right?  We both have incredibly fond memories of our respective childhoods, as well as the mother daughter childhood we shared together.  We’d each do anything to have another chat and break bread with our grandparents, and love to laugh out loud with our siblings. Each of us describes a perfect Sunday starting with a family brunch, to which we would perhaps add champagne, followed by an outdoor activity of some kind.

That’s what we have in the works for Mother Day.  How about you?  How will you find a way to toast the strong, supportive, look-into-my-eyes-and-know-me-deeply loves of your lives? We hope it finds you beloved and well, with a well marked glass of wine in hand…and a well marked heart as well. You carry away with you a reflection of me, a part of me. I dreamed you; I wished for your existence. You will always be a part of my life. - Anais Nin Warmly, J9 & R

Wine Glass Writers - Jeanine and Renee
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