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Surprising Summer Hacks

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If you’re like the rest of us, summer is for simplicity, get-aways, get together's and more great reasons to bring out your Wine Glass Writers. However, if you’ve never tried them, then you may be wondering how this glass marker can improve your summer activities. And if you have tried Wine Glass Writers, then you already know that there’s a never ending variety of ways to use them. That’s why we created this handy-dandy little list of life hacks you can master with our Wine Glass Writers.

So let’s get started…

Summer Hack 1: Easy Camping Solutions

If you’ve ever gone camping before then we’re sure you’re already using our markers to keep track of your glass. However, you can use them before you’ve even reached the campground to lighten you packing!

We found this great idea from Spaceships and Laserbeams to avoid packing your entire spice cabinet on your next camping trip. Use empty mint containers to pack a small amount of your desired spices and label them with a Wine Glass Writer. When the container is empty simply wash and relabel on the next trip!

Summer Hack 2: Build Your Own BBQ Kabob

We found this great idea for you next backyard BBQ at Fun Squared.

For one of their latest BBQ’s, they had guests build their own kabobs using prepped food held in labeled chalkboard buckets! We agree with them that this is the perfect way to make sure guests are getting exactly what they want to eat and you can easily label the buckets, jars or bowls with Wine Glass writers and wash it off when the BBQ is over.

Summer Hack 3: Picnics

Age Well Eat Well has a super cute trick for serving veggies at your next picnic. Try serving cut veggies with tasty dips, stored in individual containers. Easily offer more than one flavor of dip without confusion by labeling your containers with a Wine Glass Writer!

Summer Hack 4: Entertaining

It’s easy to break the ice at a gathering by offering your guests a glass of wine and a chance to get creative with a Wine Glass Writer. But there are so many more opportunities to use your markers.

Label your appetizers, dinner plates and more. Wine Glass Writers are perfect for making sure your guests know what you’re serving and are also a great way to make it clear to guests with food preferences or allergies what is safe for them to eat without any embarrassment!

Summer Hack 5: Canning

If end of summer canning your jam, you’re going to love how easily you can label your perfect recipes with a Wine Glass Writer. After all the time you’ve spent canning, who wants to spend hours on Pinterest searching for the perfect printable canning label? Wine Glass Writers can label your jar quickly, easily, and washes off when you've finished the batch so you can easily reuse the jar. Even better, when giving your canned goods as a gift you can easily write a personal note right on the jar!


As you can see, it’s not particularly difficult to make your summer even better with our summer Wine Glass Writer hacks. So the next thing you need to do is get yourself a pack. Because the sooner you do, the sooner you can start trying out these tips and finding more great ways to say it with Wine Glass Writer.

Surprising Summer Hacks
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