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Back To School DIY Ideas From Wine Glass Writer


Dry Erase Board

We love how Chelsea from Two Twenty One manages her daily to-do list from a pretty DIY dry erase board and we think this is a great idea for the whole family. Keep yourself and your kids organized by writing chores, activities, and homework on individual boards and never lose your to-do list again!


Don't Forget List

Since we are already on the topic of list making we think you'll agree that another important list to make is the do not forget list. When you're in a rush out the door for school, work or extra curricular activities it can be so easy to leave important items behind. Try putting a do not forget list on your door every night to ensure that no item is left behind. Better yet, use your Wine Glass Writers to write on the window of your door and simply erase with a damp cloth the next night and create your new list!

Pre-Portion Snacks

The Krazy Coupon Lady suggests keeping a few bins of snacks stocked in your pantry. She keeps one with pretzels, trail mix, and granola bar type stuff in it; another has fruit cups and applesauce, and the last one has treats.

This helps your kids get involved in packing their lunch each day by choosing one thing from each bin to put in their lunch bag. It's a win-win since they get control over what they want to eat, and you only have to worry about the “main dish.”

Use A Wall Calendar

Using a wall calendar is a great way to keep track of all of the different family activities that are happening each day, week and month. You can even use colored pens, markers or Wine Glass Writers to color code each member of the families activities to make things easier to keep track of!

Keeping Track Of Library Books

Keeping track of library books can be a challenge for adults and children. A great solution for keeping all of your library books in one location is to create a designated library book basket. You'll never be scrambling to find everyone's books when they're due again!

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**When using Wine Glass Writers on non-approved surfaces other than glass we suggest testing on a small area.




Back To School DIY Ideas From Wine Glass Writer
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