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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding in 2018

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding (Without Your Guests Noticing)

Blog by Sarah O Brown 

There are few days in your life that will be as exciting and inspiring as your wedding. Yet, it’s also the case that few days will be as expensive as that most memorable of life’s events. Not only are there flowers to buy and invitations to be made, there’s also a cake, the dress and an expensive photography session to arrange.

It may be pretty natural to want only the best when it comes to your wedding, but saving a little money here and there doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself. Instead of overspending and having to deal with debt after the big day, there are a few great ways to make it work for less. From making your own invitations to skipping the open bar, here are a few small changes that can end up saving you big money.

Cut down the Guest List

For many people, a wedding is the ideal occasion to celebrate with loved ones, family, friends and even those they’ve lost touch with over the years. Unfortunately, while the concept of a big wedding can seem like a pretty romantic idea, it can actually add a lot of additional stress and added cost to your special day. If you’re looking for one of the biggest ways to save on your special day, few things will impact your wedding budget like the amount of guests. While your Great Aunt Fay might be more than welcome, it might be best to forego her invite and narrow down your list to those you really can’t be without. It’s possible you have the kind of family where a big wedding is tradition, but if the final decision and cost comes back to you, the choice is yours at the end of the day.










Keep the Flowers in Season

There are many small expenses that can be easy to forget about when it comes to getting married, but there’s one ornamental, perfumed and pretty item that costs quite a penny too – the flowers! It’s easy to forget that something that’s only decorative can be so expensive, but your flowers and centerpieces go a long way in creating a specific feel at your wedding. While you won’t want to skip out on the beauty a bit of foliage can provide, it’s worth re-considering how you approach it to minimize the damage. Instead of choosing a variety of flowers, stick with one or two types in season and try bulk up on the amount of greens you use. Also, for a slightly sneaky way to save a little, you may want to consider larger tables as this can help you save on a few floral centerpieces!

Flowers by 


Create Your Own Signature Cocktail

Many of your wedding guests are not only looking forward to celebrating your big day with you, but are prepared to head for the bar for a party to remember. A full bar can be a great way to thank your friends and family, but it can also be a pretty expensive option. But, that doesn’t mean you have to forget about the joys of a good cocktail. While you’ll want to be sure to offer staple beverages like beer and wine, if you happen to have any bartending friends, you may want to get them to whip up a signature cocktail for you! Whether it’s Manhattan inspired or a twist on the old Tom Collins, this can be a way of pleasing your guests and sticking to your budget. It can also be a great way to make your day that much more memorable since you’ll always have a cocktail to remember it by. 

 Clean Up with a Corset Gown

 A wedding dress can be another expensive item that’s a necessity for the wedding list, but purchasing wisely can help you save a little bit of the green stuff. It’s likely that one of the first things you’ll do as a bride-to-be is embark on a shopping trip to find the perfect dress, but it’s also an optimal time to comb the racks for any styles you might be able to find on a budget. It might surprise you, but a dress with a corset back can actually be a means of saving on expensive wedding alterations. Because there’s a little bit more give with this type of dress, you may not even need to alter it at all. And, when it comes to the bridesmaids, you may even want to make it a corset gown wedding theme with the back-in-fashion bullet bra for a bit of edgy appeal.

Let Wine Glass Writer Save you money and wine!

There’s something to be said for keeping up with the current wedding trends for your nuptials all the while saving money in style and the wine glass writer can be a great way to help you do both! Not only is it a fun way for people to introduce themselves to each other, it can also save money since people won’t need to pour out old glasses of Malbec or Pinot Grigio that keep appearing on their tabletop with no owner to claim them. You may even want to keep a bunch of wine glass writers at the bar to save on the cost of renting glasses for a surefire money-saving icebreaker! Whatever you decide to do, taking advantage of this recent trend can have a marked impact on the glasses you’ll use and the amount of wine you’ll have to uncork!

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding in 2018
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