Creative Ways To Use Wine Glass Writer

The Perfect Gift

Wine Glass Writers make unique gift ideas for both men and women. Our metallic or colored wine writers can be given as host gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or just because.

Wine Glass Writer Gift
Wine Tasting Using Wine Glass Writer

Perfect for Wine Tastings

Hosting an intimate wine tasting? Our labeling ink is an easy way to keep track of the wine you’ve tasted and liked! Write the name of the wine, tasting notes, and aromatic impressions (blueberries, cherries, tobacco) directly on the glass for a simple and fun wine tasting experience.

If you buy a bottle of wine at a public wine tasting, you can easily use Wine Glass Writer to mark directly on the bottle when it’s ready to be opened.


Wine Glass Markers On Ceramic Plate
Wine Glass Markers on Glass Jars
Wine Glass Markers on Drinking Cup

Label Ceramics

As a certified non-toxic ink, Wine Glass Writer can safely label your glazed dishware. Many people suffer from allergies, so food labeling which dishes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut free will be appreciated at your next get-together. You can also use Wine Glass Writer for labeling cheese platters, charcuterie boards, hors d'oeuvres, dessert trays, coffee creamers, salsas, dips and much more!

Use Wine Glass Writer on Ceramics
Wine Glass Writer labeling canned goods

Label & Decorate Canning Jars

Step aside messy paper and glue labels! Wine Glass Writer makes labeling, dating, and decorating your mason jars easier and cleaner.  

A Creative Gift Idea: Using canning jars, fill up dry mix ingredients for cookies. Then, using our glass writing markers, write the recipe right there on the mason jar. Voila!

Label Home-brewed Beverages

Do you make your own beverages like beer, Kombucha tea, home-brewed, or u-brewed beverages? Wine Glass Writer is a great tool for batch dating and managing ingredients, turning a daunting task into an easy one.  

Kombucha tea labeling Wine Glass Writer
Love Notes On Mirror Wine Glass Writer

Leaving Notes & Making Lists

Because our ink is easy to wash off without leaving any residue, you can be extra creative with Wine Glass Writer. For a romantic surprise, write a love note for your sweetie on the bathroom mirror! Write reminders on the rear view mirror of a car! Let the kids draw pictures on mirrors to show off their creative side. The options are absolutely endless.

Wine Glass Writers are a fun way to label any beverage

Got great ideas for Wine Glass Writer?

We’re always looking for exciting new ways to use Wine Glass Writer. If you’ve discovered a new use for our glass writing markers, share them! Upload an image using the hashtag #WineGlassWriter on your favorite social media platform and we may feature your image to our over 15,000 combined followers.

– Chloe from Boxwood Ave
Salsa Labeling Using Wine Glass Markers
Wine Glass Writer Valentines Day Surprise
Labeling Creamer Ceramics Wine Glass Writer

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